About the Cambrian Centre

wall plaque

The Cambrian Community Centre is an independent Community Centre. It aims to respond to people in Richmond and their needs.

The Cambrian Community Centre opened in 1989 as part of the Queen's Road Estate development and under the auspices of Richmond Parish Lands Charity (RPLC).

The building housing the centre was built by and is owned by the RPLC. It is located in the ground floor of Caplan Court at the junction of the Queen's Road and Cambrian Road. Originally an association whose committee managed the community centre on behalf of the RPLC the constitution was amended in 1999 and the Centre became an independent registered charity in June of that year, registration number: 1077016

In 2002 the centre merged with the Workhouse Gym and this is now one of the main facilities offered. More information is on the Gym page.

In 2013 the Centre became an incorporated charity with limited liability. This was in order for a wider pool of people to consider becoming trustees and is consistent with changes that many other charities are making. We now operate under registered charity number 1151011.

Mission Statement

  • To provide facilities for the benefit of the people in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames with special reference to the Queen's Road Estate.
  • To provide a focus for community activity and a venue for local groups and services.
  • To offer opportunities for education, recreation, leisure and constructive activity to children and adults of all ages.
  • To promote healthy living and to evolve in response to local need.

Local history

The area around the Cambrian Centre has a fascinating history. You can see some details in a paper available by clicking here.