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Pictures from the Cambrian Centre Supper Quiz

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Viewing the pictures

  • Click a thumbnail to see a large picture - press Escape or click to close
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  • Once viewing a picture, click or (at top left) to view the next or previous picture (or press cursor keys or )
  • To start the show click run (above or when viewing picture). Alter the delay first on this form if required
  • On a small screen, it may help to view pictures in fullscreen. Press F11 (Repeat to close fullscreen mode). You can also maximise the window
  • To pause the slideshow click You can start it again by clicking .
  • To close the picture viewing window hit escape or click
  • You can change the time it takes to cross fade between pictures by altering the value in the Fade box above. This is specified in milliseconds. Set to 0 to switch cross-fading off.
  • To save a copy of a picture, when viewing one of the large pictures right click and select "save picture as..." (or save image as.. in Firefox). Save the pictures you want into a folder on your harddrive and you can then view this folder with your own slide show viewer (eg the Windows Slide show viewer)
  • All pictures are heavily compressed to reduce download times; the show should run with little delay on broadband connections