Gym News – Extended Opening Hours from 5th February

We are delighted to announce that we will be extending the gym opening hours from Monday 5th February. This is in line with requests from our survey of users in 2023 and in the light of increased usage of the gym. 

A new afternoon/early evening session will run on Mondays from 3pm to 7pm. There will also be a session on Wednesday afternoons from 12-3pm.  These opening hours will run until June 2024 at which point we will review take up of the new slots. Please do make use of the new sessions and if you like the service mention it to your friends and family!

Please note that bookings for the new slots won’t be able to made on the website until Thurdsay 1st February.

In addition to the new gym slots we will be launching a new cardiac group session. This will be established later in the year. If you are interested please mention it to the gym team and we will make a note to contact you when more information on the group session is available.

As always if there are any questions on this please feel free to email or call the centre.