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Dear all,

I hope you are well and bearing up during this difficult time.

We have been moving some of our Community Centre classes online in the last few weeks. By the end of next week we should have:

  • Tai Chi Mondays 3.15-4.15pm
  • Yoga Tuesdays 11-12
  • Drawing Friday and Saturday am
  • Choir- Time and Date to be confirmed
  • Creative Writing - Time and Date to be confirmed
  • Also Nikos' ukulele group is continuing to meet on Wednesdays 7pm.

All of these activities are taking place on the app Zoom.

If anyone is interested in taking part please do email me at

We also have another instalment in our exercise guides for you. We will be emailing these out during the gym closure. This time it is "Back and Core Stability". It is available by clicking on the link below (or by cutting and pasting the text into your address bar.) If anyone missed the last one- Cardio exercises- please let me know and I'll get one out to you.


Please email me if you would like the sheet and have any problems accessing this- (I can send you a copy direct.)

I will be sending out a few more of these sheets as time progresses. If anyone needs specific advice again email me and I'll see what we can do to assist.

I do hope you are all keeping well and managing to stay positive. Please remember that the Cambrian Community Centre is here for you and if there is anything we can do to help don't hesitate to get in contact.

All the best everyone and we hope to see you again soon!!

David and all at the Cambrian Community Centre



Exercise Advice- Regardless of whether you are self isolating, social distancing or just keeping your head down and trying to maintain some normality, we hope that you are keeping well and able to enjoy the lovely weather despite all of the restrictions.

At the Cambrian Gym, we are all very aware of the benefits of exercise to maintain both mental and physical health. We hope that you have been able to safely and effectively keep up some exercise at home in these tricky and unprecedented times.

The Team at the Gym have put their heads together and have come up with some simple exercise programmes, which you may like to follow at home, to help to motivate you to maintain your fitness levels as well as your sanity!

It is very important that you exercise safely to get the best out of it. If you follow very specific guidelines at the Gym, these will still apply at home and we will do our best to help to translate that into the programmes. There are instructions on the sheets.

Please ensure you follow these carefully especially the timings and if you feel unwell or experience any angina or other symptoms please do stop exercising immediately.

David is on hand to answer any questions. Although we cannot provide individual programmes for people, we hope that we are able to help as many people as possible.

Please do keep in touch and let us know whether we are providing a worthwhile service. We also encourage feedback and ideas on what other services we can provide so please do email to let us know what more we can do.

If you don’t already, please follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates and check in to the website to keep up to date with any news as we have it.

Note on the BORG scale- Borg (RPE) Scale:

This is you Rate of Perceived Exertion. Where we have given a number next to an exercise, this is the rate at which you should be working.

9-11 Warm Up and Cool Down= Light Exercise

12-14 Main Prog: Somewhat Hard=you should be mildly breathless but able to hold a


BORG (RPE) Scale:


7    Very, very light


9    Very light


11   Fairly light


13   Somewhat hard


15   Hard


17  Very hard


19  Very, very hard


More information about the Centre can be found at the Cambrian Centre Website at

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