Subject: Summer Programme from the Cambrian Centre GymSent: 2021-06-30 15:08:56


Dear Cambrian Gym member,

Introducing the Summer Exercise “Banquet”

We are very exited to be offering the following activities from the Centre for three weeks starting 19th July.

The sessions can be booked as a three week block, a one week activity programme or as “taster” session.

We are interested in developing further group sessions if there is interest following the summer activity.

The sessions will be led by gym staff or suitable tutors and will be fun, inclusive and tailored to the particpants fitness levels and capabilities.

Cambrian Community Centre Gym

1 Caplan Court, Grove Road

Richmond TW10 6SN

Tel 0208 332 1102










Week 1

(19th July)

11-12  AM






Zumba with Sally



Dance yourself fit with Adele




Gentle exercise with Paul

1-2  PM

Tai Chi with Paul

(Please note 3-4pm)

Qigong with Paul


Gentle yoga with Noreen


Legs Bums and Tums with Melissa









Week 2

(26th July)

11 -12 AM








Dance yourself fit with Adele







1-2 PM


Circuits with Victoria


Flexistretch with Melissa

Gentle yoga with Noreen


Legs Bums and Tums with Melissa








Week 3

(2nd  Aug)

11-12 AM


Zumba with Sally








Circuits with Victoria

Tai Chi with Paul

(Please note 3-4pm)

Flexistretch with Melissa

Gentle yoga with Noreen





Circuits with Victoria Our circuit training classes will include stations of different exercises followed by periods of rest. They are all inclusive and cater for all abilities, allowing you to chose how hard you work. They are a great way of increasing your heart rate, working on strength and endurance

Zumba with Sally: ZUMBA is a dance fitness programme taking inspiration from world rhythms with a playlist of great tunes. It’s such good fun, the routines are easy to follow and can be adapted easily to your current fitness level. Dancing is good for your brain as well as your co-ordination. No-one ever left a Zumba class in a bad mood!

Flexistretch with Melissa If you are feeling stiff or tight in your muscles. Maybe you have been in your work chair for too long or spending long periods without stretching? Flexistretch is a class for all. The class will teach you basic stretches that will improve your flexibility, encourage mobility and aid relaxation.

Dance yourself fit with Adele A fun musical work out that will improve your muscle tone and provide a good cardio workout. The class is led by Adele who is the lead dancer at the Richmond Ballet school.

Qigong with Paul Qigong, a series of postural exercises, is easy to learn, very beneficial and enjoyable to do. Even a few minutes of practise can have an invigorating and rejuvenating effect. Regular practice brings about a deep strengthening effect for the whole body and its various systems. In our taster we will look at some of the postures and as we work through, we will then focus on our stance and breathing.  

Gentle Yoga with Noreen: This session will involve pranayama breathing for relaxation and focused movements, strengthening the core,  back and obliques as well as abdominal muscles. A strengthened core leads to stronger and more aligned balance in everyday life. Finish with a relaxing savasana.

Legs Bums and Tums with Melissa  A class dedicated to the LBT trinity. You will learn exercises to build leg strength, tone up and build a stronger core. The class is open to all and Melissa will provide modified exercises to accommodate all levels of fitness.

Gentle exercise with Paul: Yes, there is such a thing and it can be very rewarding. Come along and enjoy a series of exercises designed ton help you stretch and strengthen. This will help you stay strong, fit and supple in the years ahead.

Summer Exercise Banquet Costs-

The full monty”- Take part in all sessions across the three weeks for an amazing £60.00

“Just the five courses for me”- Take part in a full week of sessions – Week 1 £30.00, Week 2 £30.00 Week 3 £15.00

 “The wafer thin mint“- For those wanting a brief taster. £6.00 per session.  All bookable in advance.

 For bookings or further information please contact David the centre manager at

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