Testimonials from Gym Users

The gym can often provide a much needed lifeline for those in the local and wider community, offering opportunities to improve healthy living for those of all ages.   Gym users benefit from the community sprit that lies at the heart of all Cambrian Centre activities.  A selection of testimonials is set out below:

I have been going to the Cambrian gym for 6 months now.  I have found it very helpful in my recovery.  The staff are very experienced and helpful.  The gym has equipment I don’t usually access.  The gym is one of the highlights of my week and I find it inspirational that a number of pensioners are regulars at the gym.  I highly recommend the Cambrian Gym.

Mr J. Dowd (my condition is brain bleed and left side stroke)

I heard about the Cambrian Gym from a friend at the U3A and loved it from the start.  I was not referred by my doctor but have been looked after with the same professionalism, kindness and endless patience as those that were.  After having a thorough assessment, everyone is given a programme tailored to their specific needs, and the staff constantly keep a watchful eye to make sure that the exercises are done correctly and nobody does either too much or too little.  I have now been a member for just over a year and tend to come in three or four times a week.  With my monthly subscription that works out at a mere £ 3.50 per session, unbeatable in the Richmond area! But much more important is the warm and welcoming atmosphere, meeting lots of lovely people and feeling part of a community.  My grateful thanks to all at the Cambrian!

B. Arora

I would like to say I am more mobile now than I was when I first joined.  Thanks to the excellent gym instructors who have been so helpful.  Always pleasant and one is made to feel most welcome.

Mr M. Jackson

The Cambrian Gym is a wonderfully friendly place where everyone, young or old, active or not so active, is treated with care and professional skill.  Exercise programmes, carefully planned to suit individual needs, are modified when needed, and discretely supervised.

There’s a non-competitive atmosphere and the music is fine!  You don’t have to talk but there are lots of interesting conversations and faces soon become familiar.

I have been coming to the gym since heart surgery 7 years ago and I’m sure that without it I would not be so well. I really look forward to each visit.

Mr D. Goddard