Gym Session Availability

The table below shows how many spaces are still available for each session.

Sessions start on the hour and there are a maximum of 5 bookings allowed for each.

Date 9:0010:0011:0012:0013:0014:00
Tue 11th May241311
Wed 12th Mayfull43534
Thu 13th May23fullfull3full
Fri 14th Mayfull2454full
Sat 15th May 31534
Mon 17th May355553
Tue 18th May445544
Wed 19th May255345
Thu 20th May455554
Fri 21st May25552full
Sat 22nd May 55554
Mon 24th May555555
Tue 25th May555555

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If you have any problems working out when you are able to book, then please call the gym team on 020 8332 1102 or email