New equipment now installed in gym

Three items of new equipment were installed in the gym in early June and are now ready to use.

The new Technogym Cross Trainer offers a wide range of movement. The resistance can be set to different levels, depending on the intensity of the workout desired, and the electronic screen offers plenty of relevant information. In the photo, David, our Centre Manager, puts the new cross trainer to work.

The two other new items, also made by Technogym, are the Pec Deck and the Abductor. They both use the latest technology and will improve our provision significantly.

In addition to strengthening the chest muscles, the Pec Deck can be adjusted to exercise the deltoid muscles in the back. In the image on the right, Hannah, one of our gym instructors, is about to do a chest press.

The final piece of equipment is the new Abductor/Adductor machine. Used in a seated position, it is designed to strengthen the muscles that control the sideways movement of the legs – both outwards, away from the midline of the body, and inwards. Hannah is shown on the left adjusting the equipment.

The Centre is very grateful to LBRUT Civic Pride and to the Local Area Fund for the grants which have enabled us to acquire this new equipment.